The Great Aussie Pie

Much like the hot dog and cheeseburger in the United States, the meat pie is ultimate Australian icon for blending fun and food—whether its for sporting events, casual gatherings or hearty meals.

Meat Pie Origins

The meat pie—a savory mixture of minced meat, gravy and vegetables baked inside a golden pastry crust—has been a part of Australian culture for decades.

Aussie meat pies evolved from European cuisine’s tradition of placing meats and vegetables inside a pastry case. England’s steak pies and pasties evolved into Australia’s iconic meat pies in the mid-1800s. Customers flocked to hotel restaurants, small cafes and pie carts to savor the delicious food.

The demand for mass-produced meat pies skyrocketed in the 1960s, and today’s Australians consume more than 500,000,000 meat pies annually. Its iconic status as hearty on-the-go food is largely due to its association with sporting events like Aussie rules, rugby and cricket—all considered national sports of Australia and New Zealand.

Whether it is served as lunch for grade schoolers or as takeaway snacks at major events, the meat pie is widely considered to be Australia’s national dish.

Meat Pies on the Move

With the meat pie firmly established as one of Australia’s favorite foods, it hasn’t take long for Americans to give them a try. The Aussie meat pie’s outstanding taste and convenient presentation quickly made it a lunch, snack or event favorite for consumers lucky enough to live near an authentic Aussie/Kiwi meat pie shop.

Delicious and filling, the meat pie can be eaten with one hand—no utensils necessary! It’s perfect for a hearty lunch, a portable snack or the main course at dinner. Americans are also discovering what the Australians have known for years—meat pies and sporting events are a perfect match. Traditionally, the pie is eaten with tomato sauce (ketchup) on top.

DUB Pies is proud to be one of the first specialty bakery to bring the authentic Australian/New Zealand experience—the culturally iconic meat pie—to Boston and New York City.

Heating and Eating

For those who are new to the whole Aussie meat pie experience, here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

  1. Allow the frozen meat pie to thaw in the refrigerator overnight.
  2. Pre-heat a conventional oven or toaster oven to 350°F. Cover the pie with aluminum foil if you are using a toaster oven.
  3. Heat up the pie for 12 to 15 minutes.
  4. Let the pie cool for 2 to 4 minutes.
  5. Grab the pie in one hand put and your favorite drink in the other. Enjoy!

A few notes to ensure your meat pie is the best it can be:

  • Don’t reheat pies in the microwave—the pastry doesn’t hold up.
  • Allow shepherd’s pies an additional 5 minutes to reheat.
  • Extremely small toaster ovens will require less time to reheat a pie.

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