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DUB Pies Pairs with KB Sales for New England Distribution

Native New Zealander Gareth Hughes decided to bring his country’s favorite food to the residents of New York in 2003 by starting Down Under Bakery (DUB). Inspired by the flaky crust and savory filling of the ultimate Aussie/Kiwi comfort food, Hughes was sure that his American friends would love his handmade, gourmet meat pies—and he was right.

As business continued to grow, DUB Pies NYC signed with KB sales (creating DUB Pies Boston) to a 4-year sole distribution agreement in New England. Now, everybody in the New England area can order frozen DUB Pies and get them delivered directly to their door. Business owners can offer DUB Pies to their customers by ordering them wholesale. Meat pies are perfect for pubs, cafes, schools and catering menus.

DUB Pies Boston has a location called CUPPACOFFEE at One Merrimac Street in Boston. Customers who are interested in trying an authentic meat pie can come by anytime. We’re sure you’ll love them.

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